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I wanted to write about the purpose of this site and it made me ponder why the site? why the other sites? why any of it? and so I thought I'd address the site... and then dive deeper into the purpose question

Purpose of the Site

The site is a place for me to write essentially. Facebook and the other social media sites are no longer places for things besides memes, and baby photos (although there isn't anything wrong with either of those.)

I wanted a place where I could talk about what I've learned, share my experiences and ramble essentially (hence the tagline.)

Purpose of Life (aka Meaning of Life)

Sometimes (recently for me at least) I question why I'm doing what I'm doing, or try to find some reason to keep doing it as I've been spending a lot (if not almost all) of my free time working on my side project recently.

And over the years this is the "jist" of what I believe... hopefully by trying to explain it, it will also help me reorient myself.

I used rephrase the question 'what is the meaning of life' to 'what is the purpose of life' and answer that 'the purpose of life was to find a purpose.'

Then I read "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama, and in it he makes the case that the meaning of life is to be happy. He argues that some people find happiness through their kids, jobs, friends, or other things such as partying and drugs. The problem with some of these sources of happiness is that you take away the kids, jobs, friends or drugs and suddenly you find yourself in a bad spot.

While I don't agree with him 100% I think a lot of what he is saying is right. But the main point I took away is you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket.

I think it's important to diversify your sources of happiness, that way if you were to suddenly find yourself without your significant other, lose your job, or kids go to college / move out... you still have other things providing you a source of happiness.

In general though, diversify. If you are lost try picking up a hobby and a group of people who also do said hobby or volunteer (it's a great way to get appreciation as well)

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